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About Us

How our integrated design process can help you

Cirka, a retail design and shopper agency, is made up of retail experts with extensive experience at every stage of the retail design and manufacturing process.

Our integrated design process means projects move seamlessly through the creative design, design development and manufacturing stages, saving both time and overall project costs.

Reliable experts in point of sale design and shopper marketing

The Cirka Creative team is made up of both retail, product and shopper experts.

We have over 20 years of point of sale and store design experience within our retail design team. When linked to our integrated design process, it means creative projects remain innovative and impactful but also on budget and within strict timeframes.

How our creative services work

Huge range of design development and in-house manufacturing

Cirka has a wide range of in-house retail manufacturing and point of sale assembly services with a wide range of permanent and temporary point of sale materials at our disposal such as wood, plastics, metal, cardboard and print.

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Creating retail impact by using the right materials for the right unit

Material selections that are right for the point of sale units that is being designed and manufactured, which allows maximum flexibility for both designers and commercial teams to product innovative point of sale displays that deliver impact and commercial sense.

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