Cirka Creative - Retail POS Manufacture


We are a single source manufacturing solution for all your needs

Cirka has a full-service manufacturing offer that spans across a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes, with a high percentage of the processes under one roof, allowing full control all of the time. This allows Cirka to offer its clients a single source solution for all their point of sale and retail display manufacturing needs.

How we increase creative freedom with material diversity

With material diversities comes freedom, the freedom to allow our creative and development designers greater flexibility than the average point of sale business. Coupled with our integrated design for production methodology, Cirka truly is the only business you need to deliver innovative point of sale to your market place or key retail accounts.

How we ensure Cirka’s production offer to superior to other businesses

We thought long and hard about how to define our superior production offer and quite simply put, it’s because we care. We care a lot about the quality of the factory output, the attention to detail that goes into our original designs and the quality control present throughout production. We have an almost obsessive attention to detail, covering every aspect of the retail displays we manufacture, right down to the colour of the bolts heads specified on the point of sale.  Everything must be perfect, no matter how small.

How our integrated approach ensures perfect results every time

They say that the tool is only as good as the craftsmen that is wielding it; or should that be rephrased to the £750K CAD laser machine is only as good as the CAD that guides it. Our integrated approach ensures that by the time production begins, everything is perfect, designs are optimised, retail displays value engineered, whilst all the time staying true to the creative vision of our designers created with you, our clients.

Priorities change and we have the power to change with you

Everyone knows that things change, launch dates move, retailers move the goal posts, marketers tweak things at the last minute. As we manufacture in-house on our own machines, we have the scope to alter the factories priories to match yours.  We can swap jobs around, or add a night or weekend shift, we can do this so that you hit yours and your retailers deadlines with minimal stress.