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Can you stop the voices in your head from making you buy?

The second in a part series written for The Blend Magazine UK last year on the role of impulse buying with the independent coffee retailer sector.

In short, it’s all those things you own that you didn’t intend, need or plan to buy!

lady in coffee shop considering an impluse buy of a cakeWhat is an impulse purchase? In short, it’s all those things you own that you didn’t intend, need or plan to buy.

Recent studies show that impulse purchases account for 40% overspend versus 25% online good news for most people reading this article.

Psychologists and human behavioural experts say that as a species, humans are often sad, and that impulse purchases are performed to improve our mood, lets discuss this impact or our mood states further next.

How can mood affect a shopper’s purchasing decision?

lady in coffee shop considering an impluse buy of a cakeConsider this. Jane is out on her lunch break. She is, on some level, ‘sad’ – maybe she’s had a hard morning at work, or her boss is a nightmare. Either way, its coffee time, an impulse that makes her feel better and is ‘justified’ by her hard morning. Say it’s raining and a little colder than usual, and when Jane goes into the coffee store, she thinks: “Maybe I’ll have a hot chocolate – it is cold, after all.” Her purchase has been affected by her mood, and at the point of purchase she decides to make her drink a large – an impulsive trade-up, caused by the need for happiness and ‘justified’ by the weather.

Learn how to nurture impulse purchase drivers.

chocolate browies on a blue plate for impluse buy in retailImpulse purchase-drivers are everywhere, and gain greater impact and influence when, as a retailer, you identify and nurture them. Retailers need to understand how the shopper’s mindset can be influenced by both external and in-shop factors. If drinks were billed as ‘warming and comforting’ or ‘cooling for summer’, this sales message would have further massaged Jane’s mindset and increased the impulse to buy.Mood is not the only emotion at play, and we’ll explore in the next issue how messaging, strategic placement or specific product selection can heighten impulse motivation – and increase your sales numbers.



We will post the next and final instalment of this 3 part impulse buy series written for The Blend Magazine UK next week, if you can’t wait please get in touch directly and we’ll be happy to email it over to you. Till next time.


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