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Dulux Endurance

Helping Dulux create profitable cardboard displays with instructive POS

Cirka designed and manufactured Dulux’s cardboard instore display and POS campaign, for their premium performing paint Endurance. Fitted instore in just under 6 weeks to over 325 stores nationwide, is a glowing example of our integrated design process. Retailers included B&Q, Homebase, as well a wide range of independents and garden centres.

Dulux’s Endurance+ is a high-performance paint that is 20 times tougher, allowing stains to be washed away without damaging the paint, known within the paint sector as ‘value added paint’. A key challenge with these paint ranges is how the brand/retailers can drive the upsell to these higher price point products.

Dulux Endurance Homebase Retail - Cirka Creative

How to appeal to the shoppers needs in a simplified and informative way

Cirka addressed this by working with the Dulux brand team to convey the product’s superior performance in a relevant manner that the shopper could understand, reinforced with simple but impactful imagery that visually represented common challenges the target shopper faced to appealing directly to a shopper-need state.

Dulux Endurance Pallet Wrap - Cirka Creative
Dulux Endurance FSDU Display - Cirka Creative

Consistently consentient every time, everywhere

This consistent brand and educational messaging was at the forefront of the design team’s mind, crafting call to actions that provide a stable and engaging message to shoppers no matter their touch point in store.

Dulux Endurance Campaign Mailer - Cirka Creative

Integrated design gives reliable and powerful results in store

Cirka’s integrated design process, proved its net worth again with 2D/3D design concepts, flowing seamlessly from concept to full mocks-ups for retailer lab sign-off, to production and installation across a range of retailers and fixtures types in a short space of time.

The integration of our experts teams of design, development and production enabled a complete solution to be delivered both on time and on budget with extremely high levels of compliance in store.

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