Vivid E-Cigarette POS Retail Display - Cirka Creative


Pop up retail and Vaping Concessions for PMI UK

Vivid uk launch materials and retail concepts

Working with the PMI UK marketing team and its agency, Cirka created a range of pop up retail and shopping centre concessions.  The concepts included retail display and interactive digital elements, with equal focus on visual impact as to ease of logistics and installation.

Vivid E-Cigarette POS Concept Totems - Cirka Creative

Marriage of style and technology to help drive awareness

The newly styled and technologically advanced product was being launched into a competitive market place and needed both to engage as well as educate existing vaper and smokers looking to convert.

Focusing on the non-tobacco route, the “E-Liquid Capsule” product launch aimed to raise awareness to the product’s hi-tech delivery system that enhances the user’s experience of the range of non-tobacco flavours on offer

Vivid E-Cigarette POS Top Display - Cirka Creative

How to maintain consistency across retail executions

Pop up stores, promotional roadshow and concessions all needed to reflect and highlight the “flavour” aspect of the product offer, and raise awareness to the product’s hi-tech delivery system that enhances the user’s experience.

Our retail designers took key styling cues from the product and created retail furniture all with the goal of displaying product as the focal point. The category required retail education so that the shopper can make an informed decision on the product and its merits after mixed press coverage of the vaping market.

Vivid E-Cigarette POS Render - Cirka Creative

Powerful digital experiences enhance education and CRM potential

An omni-channel strategy was applied to the project with electronic engagement and further detailed product and flavour information conveyed via digital apps delivered by touch screens and tablets.  The interactive app again further helps to educate via product videos and informative games. This allowed for the capture of CRM data for marketing department follow up post shoppers engaging with the experience.

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